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    €5 / mnd

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    Introduction to Mullvad VPN

    Mullvad VPN has quickly become a popular choice for internet users in Denmark, who are looking for a reliable and secure VPN service. In this review, we’ll explore why Mullvad VPN is so popular, especially among Danish-speaking users who prefer to communicate in Mullvad English. We’ll look at its features, ease of use, affordability, and much more.

    Mullvad at a Glance – Pros and Cons of Mullvad VPN

    Advantages of Mullvad VPN:

    • No personal information required: You can create an account using only an account number.
    • Fixed price: 5 euros per month, transparent and easy to understand.
    • Payment options: Includes anonymous options such as cash and cryptocurrencies, with a 10% discount on cryptocurrency payments.
    • Multiplatform support: The app is compatible with most operating systems.
    • Security and privacy: Strong security protocols including WireGuard, and a strict no-log policy.
    • User-friendly: Easy installation and use with up to five devices per account.
    • Improved privacy: Collaboration with the Tor Project and the development of the Mullvad Browser.

    Disadvantages of Mullvad VPN:

    • No free version: There is no possibility to use the service for free, which may discourage new users who want to test the service before buying.
    • Limited promotion and offers: Mullvad does not offer any traditional sales promotions or discounts during holidays, which can be a disadvantage for those seeking financial incentives.

    Why choose Mullvad VPN?

    Mullvad VPN offers an exceptional balance between security and speed. Its policy of not logging user data provides an added sense of privacy and security.

    1. Easy and Quick Installation

    Installing Mullvad VPN is simple and requires no personal information. You can be up and running in just a few minutes.

    2. Strong Security Features

    Mullvad VPN uses the latest security technologies, including AES-256 encryption, making it nearly impossible for unauthorized people to access your data.

    3. Support for multiple platforms

    Whether you use Windows, macOS, Linux, or mobile platforms like iOS and Android, Mullvad VPN supports them all.

    4. Dedicated Customer Service

    Mullvad VPN takes customer support very seriously. Danish-speaking support is available, making it easy for users who prefer Mullvad English to get help when they need it.

    Free the internet with Mullvad VPN!

    Features and User Experience

    Mullvad VPN sets itself apart from many other VPN services through its focus on privacy and simplicity. With servers in over 60 countries, including several in Mullvad Sweden, it offers extensive coverage and fast connections worldwide.

    User interface

    The user-friendly interface of Mullvad VPN makes it easy for even tech novices to navigate.

    Privacy Policy

    Mullvad has a strict no-log policy, which means it doesn’t keep any logs of users’ internet activities.

    Speed and Performance

    Users report high speeds and reliable connections, which are crucial for streaming and downloading large files.


    Mullvad VPN offers a transparent pricing model with a fixed monthly cost, making it easy to budget for both individual users and businesses.

    Technical Support

    Thanks to its focus on Mullvad Denmark, Danish users can get support in their own language, making it easier to resolve any issues.

    Mullvad VPN
    • Get started with a low monthly fee!
    • Up to 10% off! .

    Privacy and Security with Mullvad VPN

    Security is at the heart of every VPN service, and Mullvad VPN is no exception. By utilizing state-of-the-art security protocols and features, Mullvad provides robust protection against cyber threats.

    • Encryption technology
      Mullvad VPN uses the industry-standard AES-256 encryption, providing top-notch security for your data.
    • Security on Public Wi-Fi Networks
      Use Mullvad VPN on public Wi-Fi to ensure your internet traffic is safe from prying eyes.
    • Kill Switch feature
      An automatic kill switch interrupts your internet connection if the VPN connection fails, protecting your data from leaks.
    • No-Log Policy
      Mullvad’s no-log policy ensures that your online activity remains private and is not stored anywhere.
    • Protection against IP leaks
      Mullvad VPN also protects against DNS and IP leaks, ensuring your real IP address is never revealed.
    Click here to learn more about why privacy matters and how Mullvad VPN protects yours!

    Servers and different countries

    Mullvad offers over 680 servers in 44 countries and 81 cities. Simply put, more servers mean more speed and it goes without saying that the wide range of servers offered by the provider, especially in the most popular countries, provides the user with a pleasant and good online experience.

    While there are other providers that have more servers, or offer services in more countries, we think Mullvad has more than enough to offer in terms of server selection. Plus, with Mullvad, you have the flexibility to choose which city you want to connect to along with server types and much more.

    Mullvad has many servers

    You can also choose specific servers based on the purpose you want to use the VPN provider for. For example, if you want to use the VPN service to watch TV, in countries such as the US and the UK, you can choose servers that are specially adapted so you can easily watch TV in HD format.

    The servers also have a range of other features, making Mullvad a very favorable VPN. You can choose which country or even which specific city you want to connect to, which can be handy in some contexts. In addition, you have control to choose the server type, status, notification, ownership, and DAITA support.

    Price – how much does Mullvad VPN cost?

    Mullvad VPN offers a unique and fair pricing model that is different from many other VPN services. At a fixed monthly cost of €5, it offers the same flexibility and access to all plans, without customers having to commit to long-term contracts. This simple and transparent pricing makes it easy for users to predict their spending without worrying about complicated pricing models or hidden fees. This transparency is particularly valuable at a time when many consumers are seeking greater control over their online spending and their data privacy.

    Mullvad’s pricing model is not only fair but also sustainable. By maintaining a constant price level since its inception in 2009, Mullvad has been able to invest in quality development and bandwidth, ensuring that the service can be continuously improved and updated without compromising user security or privacy. This confidence in maintaining stable pricing demonstrates a commitment to long-term customer satisfaction and technical excellence.

    The flexibility of payment options also reinforces Mullvad’s customer-centric approach. Users can choose to pay monthly or top up their VPN account for a full year at the same monthly cost, providing further customizability. Additionally, Mullvad accepts a variety of payment methods, including cash and several cryptocurrencies, allowing for a higher degree of anonymity and security for those who prefer it.

    An additional plus is the discounts offered to those paying with cryptocurrencies, reflecting lower fees and less administration for Mullvad. This, along with the ability to use one account on up to five devices simultaneously, makes Mullvad an excellent investment for tech-savvy users or families who need to protect multiple devices at home or on the go.

    In conclusion, Mullvad VPN stands out as a highly competitive and user-friendly service with its fair, flexible and reliable pricing system. The continuous improvement and the ability to pay anonymously are just some of the factors that contribute to a superior user experience. For those who value both their privacy and their wallet, Mullvad offers a solution that is hard to beat.

    Mullvad VPN offers flexible, reliable and sustainable pricing!

    If you’re thinking of choosing a free VPN service, you’re free to do so, although we don’t recommend it, but make sure you’re aware of the risks associated with free services.

    Performance and Speed

    For many users, speed is the most important factor when choosing a VPN. Mullvad VPN offers exceptional speed and reliability, making it ideal for streaming, gaming, and other data-intensive activities.

    • Server locations
      With server locations in over 60 countries, including Mullvad Denmark, users can easily find a fast and reliable connection.
    • Speed tests
      Regular speed tests confirm that Mullvad VPN delivers fast and stable connections worldwide.
    • Optimized for Streaming
      Users of Mullvad VPN can stream content from popular services like Netflix and Hulu without buffering or lag.
    • Download speeds
      Mullvad VPN optimizes its servers to offer high download speeds, which is essential for downloading large files quickly.
    • Responsive Customer Service
      Fast and efficient customer service ensures that any questions or issues with speed are handled quickly and efficiently.

    It is also very easy to change servers if you wish. All you have to do is select a country in the main menu and then choose a server based on speed and similar features.

    Mullvad for iPhone and Android

    Mullvad VPN has developed a user-friendly and secure app for both iPhone and Android devices, making it easy for users to protect their online activity. With just a few clicks, users can install the app, connect to a VPN tunnel, and start browsing anonymously and securely. For iPhone users, there is the option to test the beta version by joining the TestFlight program, which gives access to the latest features and improvements before the general release.

    The app offers flexibility in switching servers or locations, which can be done easily and quickly directly in the app. This feature is particularly useful for users who need to quickly customize their connection based on geographic content or performance requirements. For Android users, the app is compatible with systems from Android 8.0 onwards, and the latest version, 2024.1, includes several new features and improvements that further enhance the user experience.

    One of the most important aspects of Mullvad VPN is its commitment to user privacy. The app for both iPhone and Android includes automatic WireGuard key rotation, which strengthens security by regularly replacing the encryption keys. This minimizes the risk of security breaches and protects users’ data from potential threats. Additionally, Mullvad has a strict policy of not logging any user activity, ensuring that your browsing remains private and anonymous.

    Trust is of the utmost importance to Mullvad VPN, which is reflected in their transparency when it comes to security audits and access to source code. The latest audit, conducted by Atredis Partners in October 2022, demonstrates Mullvad’s commitment to maintaining the highest possible security standards. Users can rest assured that the app is regularly audited by independent security experts.

    For users who want additional convenience in managing their VPN accounts, Mullvad offers the option of in-app purchases, where you can easily top up your account directly through the app. This feature makes it easy to continue using the service without interruption, making Mullvad VPN a great choice for both iPhone and Android users who value both convenience and strong data protection.

    Mullvad Browser: An Unrivaled Browser for Optimal Privacy and User Security

    Mullvad Browser, which is developed in collaboration between Mullvad VPN and the Tor Project, is designed to minimize online tracking and fingerprinting. This is a browser that combines the integrity standards of Tor Browser with the flexibility to be used together with a reliable VPN service. By integrating these two powerful tools, Mullvad Browser offers an almost unrivaled level of protection against the most common forms of online surveillance and data collection, making it an excellent choice for users who prioritize their digital privacy.

    One of the most prominent features of Mullvad Browser is its strong protection against fingerprinting techniques, which are developed in collaboration with the Tor Project. This technology ensures that all users of Mullvad Browser leave the same “fingerprint”, which in practice makes it more difficult for websites to identify and track individual users. This uniformity helps protect users’ identities and strengthens their anonymity on the internet.

    Mullvad Browser is designed to be private from the start. The browser has a private mode activated by default, which means that no cookies, cache or browsing history are saved between sessions. This is an important function for users who want to ensure that their surfing habits remain private and cannot be reused by third parties. In addition, the browser contains a reset button that with one click creates a completely clean session, which further improves users’ ability to control their own data.

    Another key feature in Mullvad Browser is the integration of uBlock Origin, a powerful ad and tracking blocker. This extension is specifically chosen because it is effective without adding too much unique fingerprint to the user’s browser profile. This minimizes the risk that the user can be identified based on which add-ons they use, while protecting them from annoying and potentially harmful ads.

    Finally, it’s worth noting that Mullvad Browser is part of Mullvad’s broader business model, which focuses on making money through their VPN service rather than through the browser. This means that Mullvad has no financial incentive to compromise with users’ privacy, which strengthens the company’s overall commitment to putting users’ integrity first. This transparent and user-centered approach makes Mullvad Browser an excellent choice for anyone looking for a browser that really prioritizes users’ privacy and security.

    Download the FREE Mullvad Browser for macOS, Windows and more!

    Customer Support and User Reviews

    A strong focus on customer support is crucial to a successful VPN service. Mullvad VPN’s commitment to its users is reflected in its customer service and the positive reviews it receives.


    Customer support is available 24/7 via email and live chat, ensuring that users can get help when they need it.

    Language support

    Especially for users in Mullvad Denmark, the support is available in both Danish and English, which makes it easier for all users.

    User-friendly interface

    Mullvad’s user-friendly interface, especially in Mullvad English, makes it easy for new users to navigate and use the VPN service.

    User reviews

    User reviews of Mullvad VPN are overwhelmingly positive, with praise for both technical features and customer service.

    FAQ and Resources

    A comprehensive FAQ section and online resources in both Danish and English help users to quickly find answers to their questions.

    How well does it work to use Mullvad in Denmark?

    Mullvad VPN is one of the most respected VPN services on the Danish market, known for its strong integrity policy and commitment to user security. This makes the service an excellent choice for Danish users who want to protect their internet activity from prying eyes.

    First and foremost, Mullvad VPN offers server locations around Denmark, which is a significant advantage for users within the country. Having access to local servers not only means that connection speeds improve significantly, but it also reduces latency, which is important for activities such as online games or video streaming. In addition, the proximity of the servers means that users can enjoy fast and reliable VPN connections even when connecting to international servers.

    Another big advantage of using Mullvad in Denmark is their policy of not logging any user data. In an age where digital surveillance is becoming more and more extensive, Mullvad’s strict integrity policy provides an extra level of security and peace of mind. Danish users can feel confident that their online activities and personal information will remain private and protected from third parties.

    Finally, Mullvad’s pricing and user friendliness are also important factors that make the service attractive to Danish consumers. With a simple and fair pricing model of 5 euros per month and support for payments via Swish, a popular mobile payment service in Denmark, it is easy for Danish users to get started and use the VPN service without hassle. These factors make Mullvad an excellent VPN solution for everyone in Denmark, regardless of whether they are technically savvy or not.

    Getting Started with Mullvad VPN: A Simple Guide to Using the VPN Service

    Getting started with Mullvad VPN is very simple and straight to the point. Mullvad focuses on user integrity and simplicity, which makes it an attractive option for anyone looking for a secure way to protect their online activity. All that is needed to connect to Mullvad VPN is a unique account number. This number is easily generated via Mullvad’s website and is all you need to get started – no personal information such as e-mail address or telephone number is required.

    The pricing model is just as simple and transparent. Since 2009, Mullvad has had a fixed price of 5 euros per month. You can choose to pay monthly or buy several months in advance. This consistency in pricing makes it easy for users to budget their VPN costs without unexpected price changes or complicated subscription plans.

    Once you have your account number, the next step is to download the Mullvad VPN app. The app is available for various platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android. When the app is installed on your device, you just enter your account number to activate your connection. One Mullvad account can be used simultaneously on up to five different devices, which gives flexibility and the opportunity to protect several devices in the household or small business.

    Quick guide to getting started with Mullvad VPN

    1. Generate an account number: Visit the Mullvad VPN website and create a unique account number. This is all you need to sign up and start using the service.
    2. Pay for your subscription: Choose to pay €5 for one month or buy several months in advance. Payment is easy and you can use various payment methods including credit cards and cryptocurrencies.
    3. Download the Mullvad app: Go to the Mullvad website again and download the appropriate version of the app for your device.
    4. Enter your account number in the app: Launch the app, enter your account number and connect to the VPN service. Now you’re ready to surf safely and privately!

    With these simple steps, you can quickly and easily secure your internet connection and protect your online privacy with Mullvad VPN.

    Mullvad VPN offers a variety of payment methods to meet different user needs and preferences. Users can choose to pay with cash, which is a unique option that provides complete anonymity. You only need to put your cash and a payment token, which is randomly generated on Mullvad’s website, in an envelope and send it to us. We accept several different currencies, including EUR, USD, GBP, SEK, DKK, NOK, CHF, CAD, AUD and NZD. In addition to cash payments, Mullvad also accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, Swish, Giropay, EPS transfer, Bancontact, iDEAL and Przelewy24.

    An attractive incentive for users who prefer cryptocurrencies is the 10% discount offered when paying with them. This discount is due to the lower fees and less administration required for these transactions. This makes it not only cost-effective but also beneficial for those who value additional secrecy and efficiency in their transactions.

    To make a payment, start by generating an account number on Mullvad’s website. You will immediately receive an account number and can then choose your payment method. This simplified procedure is designed to make the process as flexible and user-friendly as possible, while maintaining your integrity and safety.

    Mullvad VPN erbjuder inte en gratis version av sin tjänst, vilket är ett medvetet val för att undvika de vanliga nackdelarna med gratis VPN-tjänster. Gratis tjänster medför ofta kostnader i form av reklam, insamling av användardata eller begränsad funktionalitet, vilket kan kompromettera både användarupplevelsen och privatlivet. Istället erbjuder Mullvad en 30-dagars pengarna-tillbaka-garanti om du inte är nöjd med tjänsten, vilket ger nya användare en riskfri möjlighet att prova deras tjänster. Det är viktigt att notera att denna garanti inte gäller för kontantbetalningar på grund av regler mot penningtvätt.

    Samtidigt är Mullvad Browser tillgänglig för nedladdning helt gratis. Denna webbläsare är utvecklad för att maximera din online-privatliv och säkerhet utan extra kostnad. Mullvads affärsmodell fokuserar på att erbjuda högkvalitativa betalda VPN-tjänster istället för att kompromissa med användarnas säkerhet genom en gratis modell. Denna strategi understryker företagets åtagande att alltid sätta användarnas privatliv främst.


    Mullvad VPN is an outstanding service that offers high-quality security and anonymity to its users. With its simple and fair pricing model of 5 euros per month since 2009, Mullvad has succeeded in maintaining a transparent and easily accessible offer for all its customers. Mullvad does not require personal information to create an account, and a unique feature is that users can pay anonymously with cash or cryptocurrency, which offers an additional level of integrity.

    The service supports up to five devices simultaneously per account, making it an excellent choice for both individual users and families. Mullvad’s app is compatible with multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android, ensuring that almost all users can benefit from their services. In addition, Mullvad includes advanced security features such as automatic WireGuard key rotation and has a strict policy against logging user activity. The app also has private browsing as standard and a built-in function to block third-party trackers.

    Mullvad collaborates with the Tor Project to develop the Mullvad Browser, which gives users an even higher level of integrity and security when surfing the internet. The browser is designed to minimize tracking and fingerprints, and it is free to download and use.

    In summary, Mullvad VPN offers a superior VPN service that is both secure and user-friendly. With strong security features, fast speed, and excellent customer support, it is an ideal choice for both individuals and companies in Denmark. Whether you need to protect your privacy online or are looking for a reliable VPN for streaming, Mullvad VPN is an excellent choice.

    What we think of Mullvad VPN:



    “My experience with Mullvad VPN was very positive, especially when I compared it to other popular VPN services I’ve used in the past. One of the most prominent features of Mullvad was its easy setup process and user-friendly interface. Unlike other VPNs that often require personal information to sign up, getting started with Mullvad was incredibly smooth – all I needed was an account number. The speed of Mullvad was impressive; I experienced minimal impact on my internet connection even when connected to servers in other countries, which is crucial for streaming video and online gaming.”




    “I’ve tried several VPNs over the years, and Mullvad stands out as one of the most security-conscious. What really impressed me was Mullvad’s collaboration with the Tor Project and the development of the Mullvad Browser, which offers an extra layer of protection against online tracking. This is not something that most other VPN providers offer. Despite its many advantages, however, I found that the lack of promotions and special offers can be a disadvantage for some users who are used to jumping between different VPN services to take advantage of introductory offers. Still, for those who value consistent performance and security over the long haul, Mullvad is definitely a top choice.”




    “As a frequent user of streaming services and with a strong need for reliable data privacy, I found Mullvad VPN exceptionally effective. Mullvad’s strict no-logging policy gave me extra peace of mind, and I was able to stream content from different geographical regions without encountering the usual issues with geo-blocked services. Another big advantage was the support for up to 5 devices simultaneously, which meant I could protect all my devices at no extra cost. Although the pricing is fixed at €5 per month, it seemed very reasonable given the high level of service and security offered.”

    Mullvad VPN
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